Accepted Papers

Lena Baunaz & Eric Lander

Cross-categorial syncretism and the Slavic/Balkan containment puzzle (PDF, 183 KB)

Walter Breu

Relativisation in Slavic-Romance language contact: The case of Molise Slavic in Italy (PDF, 97 KB)

Tsvetana Dimitrova

Relativizers in the history of Bulgarian (PDF, 213 KB)

Marisa Eberle

Relative clauses in Kajkavian – the distribution of koji, ki and koteri in 18th century written texts (PDF, 135 KB)

Jürgen Fuchsbauer

The article-like usage of the relative pronoun iže as an indicator of early Slavonic grammatical thinking (PDF, 241 KB)

Martin Junge

The diversity of Czech relative clauses (PDF, 69 KB)

Maria Kholodilova

Person in Slavic relative clauses (PDF, 112 KB)

Marija Lazar

kerý/který on the way to indeclinable subjunction? Analysis of corpus evidence (PDF, 114 KB)

Ekaterina Ljutikova & Sergej Tatevosov

On the structure of Russian relative clauses: connectivity effects and their diachronic source (PDF, 99 KB)

Imke Mendoza

Relative constructions with invariant relative words from a crosslinguistic perspective (PDF, 43 KB)

Jurica Polančec

The invariant relativizer in contemporary non-standard Croatian (PDF, 129 KB)

Lenka Scholze

Relative pronouns in standard and colloquial Upper Sorbian: two sharply diverging systems (PDF, 48 KB)

Barbara Sonnenhauser

Ki, kateri, kdor. Relativising the otherness of Slovene (PDF, 122 KB)

Daniel Weiss

Zero Linking in Colloquial Russian Relativisation (PDF, 80 KB)

Pino Marco Pizzo

Old Czech relativizers within the long and the short version of the „Revelationes Sanctae Brigittae“ – a fortunate insight into historical diaphasic variability (PDF, 64 KB)