Doing Performance Art History: A Congress of Actors and Observers

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Thursday, November 3

18.30 Introduction by Sylvia Sasse:
»Doing Performance Art History«

19.00 Philip Ursprung:
»›Zerreissprobe‹: Performance in the Cold War«

20.30 Film Night I
Łukasz Ronduda, Maciej Sobieszczański: »The Performer«


Friday, November 4


9.30 Introduction by Sabine Hänsgen:
»Media of Documentation«

9.45 Art Works I
Ion Grigorescu: »Work«

10.15 Júlia Klaniczay:
»Performing for the Present, Documenting for the Future – Artpool and Performance Art«

11.00 Judit Bodor/Roddy Hunter:
»The Poïpoïdrome in Budapest: a Case Study in Curating Art and Changeability«

11.45 János Vető:
»Lights of the Night. Cooperation and Interaction with Tibor Hajas«

Lunch break

14.30 Tomáš Pospiszyl:
»Reading Performances. Performative and Literary Aspects of Performance Art Documentation from Eastern Europe«

15.15 Marina Gržinić:
»Recycling, Reconstruction and Repetition«

Coffee break

16.30 Vadim Zakharov:
»A Typology of Vadim Zakharov’s Actions 1978–2015«

17.15 Art Works II
Andrei Monastyrski: »Sounds from 1983«

Coffee break


18.00 Introduction by Tomáš Glanc:
»Display Performance«

18.15 Ruth Noack:
»Tales from the Past? When Artists Were Posing the Self against a Political Other«

20.00 Film Night II
Claus Löser: »›Smashing the Black Box‹ – Independent Film and Performance Art in 1980s East Germany«


Saturday, November 5


10.00 Zdenka Badovinac:
»Arteast 2000+ Collection and its Use«

10.45 Sasha Obukhova:
»Keep Acting: A Performative Exhibition Which Pretended to be Academic«

11.30 Art Works III
Milan Knížák: »Slide-Show«

Lunch break


13.30 Introduction by Sylvia Sasse:
»Performance Art (as) Theory«

13.45 Pavlína Morganová:
»Performance Art – Remembered, Described, Interpreted, Photographed and Filmed, Sometimes even Reenacted«

14.30 Nikita Alekseev:
»Low Performance«

Coffee break


15.00 Introduction by Dorota Sajewska:
»Performance of the Archive«

15.15 Art Works IV
Zofia Kulik: »The Archive Cultivation«

15.30 Sven Spieker:
»Manifesto for a Slow Archive«

Coffee break

16.45 László Beke:
»Memories of a Witness/Art Historian/Archivist/Conceptor«

17.30 Art Works V
IPUT (International Parallel Union of Telecommunications – in bankruptcy: Tamas St.Turba): »Portable I2 Museum – Pop Art, Conceptual Art and Actionism in Hungary during the 60s (1956–1976)«

Coffee break


18.15 Introduction by Kata Krasznahorkai:
»Performances Never End – and Never Begin«

18.30 Barbora Klímová:
»An Inspiring Misunderstanding«

19.15 Janez Janša:
»WHAT DO WE ACT WHEN WE REENACT? Mount Triglav on Mount Triglav on Mount Triglav«

20.00 Anna Molska:
»Constructing the Archive«


Conférenciers: Little Warsaw & Mózes Márton Murányi

Venue: Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zürich