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Slavisches Seminar

Dolores Lemmenmeier-Batinić

Dolores Lemmenmeier-Batinić, Dr.

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About me

I am a linguist with expertise in creating digital collections of spoken and written language (corpora), focusing on German and Slavic languages. Currently, I work as a research assistant at the School of Applied Linguistics (ZHAW), where I am engaged in the development of a corpus of Swiss public communication.

I obtained my PhD in Linguistics on spoken language corpora at the Slavic Seminar of the University of Zurich, where I worked as an assistant to the Chair for Linguistics from 2019 to 2023. During that time, the main focus of my research was BCMS (Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian) spoken in Switzerland by heritage language speakers. I studied their language practices, the attitudes they have towards their heritage language, as well as the names they use for it (Jugo, Serbo-Croatian, naš, etc.). I co-conducted a transnational survey on BCMS in the German-speaking diaspora (Lemmenmeier-Batinić & Mayer, 2021), and collected recordings of BCMS spoken in the diaspora in an elicited task developed together with my students (BCMS map tasks).

Current work

Currently, I am writing an article on the question whether speakers perceive BCMS as one language or four separate languages, and how they denominate it. I am also finalizing a paper about the CoLiCaSlav-Corpus (beta-version), which was developed to assist introductory courses in Slavic Linguistics. It allows users to compare linguistic categories in several Slavic languages. My next project will be a study on Ikavian dialect and the attitudes towards it in Bosnia and Herzegovina where Ikavian is slowly disappearing.


  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D. (in prep.). Is naš language one or four? Language unity and language names of B/C/M/S seen through the eyes of their speakers in home countries and in diaspora.
  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D., Savić, S., Rajović, N., Sonnenhauser, B., Wiemer, B., Birzer, B., & Mendoza, I. (in prep.). Corpus of Linguistic Categories in Slavic (CoLiCaSlav).
  • Morand, M.A., Schmid, S., & Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D. (in prep.). Phonetic Features of Multiethnolectal Zurich German Reflect L1 Transfer but only Partially. To be submitted to: Journal of Language Contact.
  • Frick, E, Helmer, H., & Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D. (in prep.). Querying Repetitions in Spoken Corpora. To be submitted to KONVENS 2024.
  • Krasselt, J., Dreesen, P., Stücheli-Herlach, P., Lemmenmeier, D., Cho, S., Rothenhäusler, K., & Fluor, M. (2023). Swiss-AL: Platform for Language Data in Applied Sciences: On Challenges in the Field of Language Open Research Data. Proceedings of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure, 1. DOI:
  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D. (2023). Synopsis for the cumulative PhD thesis "Spoken Language Corpora. Approaches for Facilitating Linguistic Research". University of Zurich. DOI: 10.5167/UZH-235310
  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D., Batinić, J., & Escher, A. (2023). Map Task Corpus of Heritage BCMS spoken by second-generation speakers in Switzerland. Lang Resources & Evaluation 57, 1607–1644. DOI:
  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D. (2021). Converting raw transcripts into an annotated and turn-aligned TEI-XML corpus: the example of the Corpus of Serbian Forms of Address. Slovenščina 2.0: 123-144.
  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D., Ljubešić, N., & Samardžić, T. (2020). XML- Encoding of a spoken Serbian corpus targeting forms of address. In: Conference on Language Technologies & Digital Humanities, Ljubljana, 24-25. September 2020, 127-130.
  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D. (2020). Lexical Explorer: extending access to the Database for Spoken German for user-specific purposes. Corpora, 15 (1): 55-76.
  • Batinić, D., & Schmidt, T. (2018). Reconstruction of separable particle verbs in a corpus of spoken German. In: Rehm, Georg/Declerck, Thierry (Hrsg.). In: Language technologies for the challenges of the digital age. 27th International Conference, GSCL 2017 Berlin, Germany, 13-14. September 2017. Proceedings. (= Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 10713). Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2018. 3-10.
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  • Möhrs, C., Meliss, M., & Batinić, D. (2017). LeGeDe - towards a corpus-based lexical resource of spoken German. In: eLex 2017, Leiden, 19-21. September 2017, 281-298.
  • Batinić, D., Birzer, S., & Zinsmeister, H. (2017). Automatic Classification of Russian Texts for Didactic Purposes. In: Trudy mezhdunarodnoj konferencii "Korpusnaja lingvistika - 2017", Sankt Peterburg, 27-30 June 2017, 9-15.
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Presentations (selection)

  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D. (2022). Map Task Korpus von BKMS als Herkunftssprache. Kolloquium Slavistische Linguistik. University of Zurich,14. December 2022.
  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D., Escher, A., & Sonnenhauser, B. (2021). Auxiliary omission in perfect tense in Timok and in spoken Serbian. A corpus analysis. Presentation at the Conference Sovremennye metody izuchenija serbskogo jazyka v sinhronii i diahronii [Modern methods of studying Serbian language in synchrony and diachrony]. M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, 17-18. May 2021.
  • Mayer, H., & Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D. (2021). (Sprach)einstellungen von BKMS-Herkunftssprecher*innen. Eine länderübergreifende Studie. Workshop (Herkunfts)Sprachen in der Schweiz: Über ‘Jugo’, ‘Jugo-Deutsch’ und ethnolektales Schwizertüütsch, URPP Language and Space, University of Zurich, 9. December 2021.
  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D., & Mayer, H. (2021). Distinktive Merkmale der BKMS-Varietäten: Eine empirische länderübergreifende Studie. Kolloquium Slavistische Linguistik, University of Zurich, 10. March 2021.
  • Lemmenmeier-Batinić, D. (2019). Klassifikation der Texte des LeStCoR-Korpus’ in sechs Komplexitätsstufen mittels SVM classifier. Institute of Slavic Studies and Hungarian Studies, Berlin, 16. December 2019.


  • Multilingualism and Identity, Spring Semester, 2023
  • Introduction to Corpus Linguistics for Slavists, Fall Semester, 2022
  • Language Policy in the Slavic-Speaking Area (with Ivan Šimko), Fall Semester, 2020
  • BCMS as Heritage Language, Spring Semester, 2020
  • Corpus Linguistics, Fall Semester, 2019

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