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Slavisches Seminar

Empirical approaches to linguistic variation: The Balkans and beyond

EALV 2020


The workshop is dedicated to morphosyntactic variation occurring in contact situations and transitional varieties, between standard and non-standard idioms, as well as in minority, heritage and endangered languages. The particular focus is on empirical approaches that use novel and state-of-the-art tools, resources and methods allowing for insight into the spread and interaction of features, identifying previously unnoticed correlations and opening up new prospects for research in linguistic variation.

We are inviting contributions dealing with variation, in particular concerning the languages of the Balkans and Southeast Europe, as well as similar contact situations. Apart from linguistic analyses, we are interested in well-established and original methodological approaches to different facets of variation.

The workshop is a part of two projects funded by the SNF, currently running at the Slavisches Seminar: TraCeBa and 'Ill-bred sons', family and friends: the multiple affiliations of Balkan Slavic


Dates: March 11-12, 2021

Venue: Online / University of Zurich


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Organising committee:

Teodora Vuković
Anastasia Makarova
Barbara Sonnenhauser

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The workshop is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation